Month Flat Week Day
Monday, January 10, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Bloody Monday Prep Part 1


Hello Troop 11 Scouts & Families!


On Monday, we had quite the agenda! It consisted of initial preparation for our Bloody Monday recruiting event, an election for Order of the Arrow candidates, and finishing off with a Troop 11 classic game, captain on deck. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bloody Monday, it is our main recruiting event where Cub Scouts come to the fire house and think of ways to treat severe injuries with lifelike scenarios, skin prosthetics, and fake blood to make the experience seem almost real. Our Italian Center Swim-Night meeting was also a success, with scouts getting the multiple aquatic requirements signed off and enjoying the warm water on a cold January night.


Also a huge congratulations to Wellington, Michael F, Albert, & James C for being elected as Order of the Arrow candidates! The OA is the prestigious honor society for scouting and is a First Class and above exclusive achievement that you can obtain through completing ordeals and proving how you stand out from other scouts by living the Scout Law & Oath daily.


The winter weather is really hitting us and it is very important to dress appropriately in the event that we have to be outside for a longer period of time (Bloody Monday will most likely be outside unless there is snow) so remember to bring your book, pen, mask, and dress appropriately!



JANUARY 21-22: Troop 11 is hosting the Powahay District 2022 Klondike Derby at Hoyt! We will be hosting a fun weekend of winter and tropical themed games and activities that have been thoroughly planned by our adult and scout leadership.


FEB 4-6: Mount Snow Ski Trip! Click on the sign-up link below for more information about our scout favorite trip to Vermont.



Attached is the weekly attendance as well as some photos. Have a great week everyone!


Michael Faherty

(Troop 11 Scribe)