2020 November Appalachian Trail Hike - The Infamous St. John's Ledges

Our first hike in a year.

With the pandemic causing problems, we did not have the opportunity to hike or camp much for the last year. This was our first time hitting the trail in that long. We planned the St. John's Ledges trek in Kent – a difficult but exciting hike.

We started hiking at around 9:30am after dividing up equipment, food and shuttleing cars to the trail end. We had roughly 8.4 miles to hike the first day ascending 1500 feet. It was a strenuous first day. We packed up and started the hike. Uphill!

The second day was only 2.5 miles along the Housatonic River. All flat which was a welcome detail.

The weather was perfect! 68 degrees during the day and 48 degrees at night.

We had a total of 12 scouts and 7 adults. Food, water and equipment for two days of hiking on our backs.